Hi everyone!! have a great merry christmas and a happy new year!! enjoy the rest of this year until next year, i will come back, taking a holiday break with my family!
                A picture of my 6wks. old chicks :)
   [UPDATE 12/27/11: will be back after new year day]
OMG, Christmas is like so around the corner, YAY! So today, I've been touching around my page, doing some little adding of this and that, but yesterday, I've sponge bathe my little angels yesterday, because it seems kinda dusty in their brooder. They are already starting to fight among each other, ehehe, seems very cute and entertaining.  And I've just added two new images in the rooster and the hen pages. On Sunday, 12/18/11, I've finally send out my two sweet chicky to live outside, made them a bigger home, will take pictures whenever I get the time. Hope they will be okay, though one of them seems a little bit sick, and I am hoping my little sweetie will get well soon :(. Here is a recent picture of my two little angels :) ENJOY!

I've decided to changed my layout to something cuter, hehe, I love it though, its nice, and means it a CHICK PAGE! haha. Well I'm finally done with everything in my page, finished my oriental fowls info page. *sighs* it was a lot of time consuming and a lot of work, but finally finished! Though I decided to start putting up my montly snaps of my chickens, its on the left <--. Now it's time to get ready for those new year festival! Gonna go and check it out, might not stay long, maybe just a fast look then get some food and then back home, hahaha. Anywase I hope you all have a Safe, Happy,Great Holiday and New Year!!!!
Sorry, haven't update it for a while now, have been doing some crazy christmas shopping for the family and getting ready for new year event, a picture of my decorated christmas tree :)