Hi! yay I'm back from my nasty sickness, thank god it was only me and not my chickens lol, anywase I've just put up some small updates on my chickens, just got to get back into photographing again on my chickens, been lacking off of it lately because been move around like crazy and bunch of stuffs I have to change and deal with. You can find me pretty much in BYC, more then here, haha. Thanks for dropping by!

MORE PICTURES @ The Roosters page, New Links been put up, check them out, very helpful



Ying Khang
02/11/2012 22:24

Hi I was wondering if you had any of your chickens or eggs for sale, can you please email me about it, thank you.

03/15/2012 14:12

When I do, I will notified you about it, but what is your email?


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